The unmissable Sossusvlei

We thought we had seen pretty much every variation on the “desert” theme so far in Namibia, but we were mistaken…. Sossusvlei is a unique and incredibly stunning place of natural beauty. Huge red sand dunes rise up off the plain, one after the other, stretching out to infinity, or so it seems… As Nina put it after a few hours of playing in the dunes: “I’m sick and tired of saying Wow!”

Top travel tip if ever you end up here: as soon as the park opens, head straight to the end of the road and walk to HiddenVlei instead of stopping at Dune 45 with all the hordes of tourists. We were completely by ourselves here for over 2 hours following the sunrise – it was magical! (After about 8 am it gets too hot to really walk on the sand in any case…)