Paradise found in Bolivia

We left Argentina by plane, since the long and bumpy bus ride into Bolivia did not appeal to the troops. We arrived in the economic capital of Bolivia: Santa Cruz. It’s a large, modern city, but there’s not much to see or do there. Mostly, it is used as a base for exploring the surrounding countryside, including places like Samaipata, a small corner of paradise located in the mountains, 2 1/2 hours by car from the city.

Samaipata is a very tranquil little place, and a very laid back bohemian atmosphere pervades the streets. It is situated at the junction between four different ecosystems: amazonian jungle, highlands, fields, and forest. Located on a nearby sandstone outcrop lies the pre-Inca site of El Fuerte. We booked a couple of nights mid-week in the poshest resort in town, located on a hilltop with a splendid view of the surroundings, and we had a lovely time exploring the region.

Samaipata viewed from our resort – El Pueblito
Entrance to the El Pueblito Resort

El Pueblito, seen from below
Amazonian jungle below
El Fuerte, carved sandstone outcrop, in use since 1500 BC – Incas
Greg showing the Inca terraces of El Fuerte
Nina with the ruins behind her
The incredible starry Bolivian skies!