Updated itinerary – 13 Jan. 2016

So, only a few days into January, and we have already made several major changes to our itinerary! Firstly, we will be cutting short our stay in Cape Town for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is peak season, and accommodation is rather expensive, and secondly, we have already been there and so we pretty much know what we are getting into – no surprises. We will be staying for the month of December, and then heading to Windhoek, Namibia by plane around the first of Jan. 2017. This obviously means that all our other stops will be brought forward, unless we decide to stay somewhere for longer than planned to balance it out again, which is very possible! Continue reading “Updated itinerary – 13 Jan. 2016”

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!

IMG_4034This is the beginning of 2016, the year of our departure! The countdown has begun and we used the Christmas holidays to make some progress with our preparations. And a few days ago we booked our first flights!

So it’s now official – Our trip starts on October 2nd 2016, when we embark on the first leg of our adventure in Nice, France!