Our First Week in India

It has been a week since we arrived in India. Incredible, chaotic India, it assaults all the senses at once and can leave you with extreme culture shock if you let it. Luckily, thanks to the warm and friendly welcome from our friends Phil, Arti & Rohan, we were able to appreciate India without the sensory overload. We could make the most of the calm space of their home to recharge our energies before heading back out into the crazy streets.

We stayed in Delhi for the first few days, before driving to Bharatpur to visit the world famous bird sanctuary (by bicycle rickshaw!) Afterwards, we went to Agra via Fatehpur Sikri. In Agra we visited Agra Fort, and obviously the Taj Mahal. Despite having seen it in countless photos, nothing compares to seeing this magnificent building with one’s own eyes. We are now safely back at our Delhi refuge, and preparing for our upcoming trip to Rajasthan.

Here are a few photos of the various impressive monuments that we have visited so far, however the don’t convey the sheer vibrant ambiance surrounding each place!

Minar Qutub, Delhi
Schoolgirls (slightly more disciplined!)
India equals food – this is a family dosa that stretched the length of the table!
Inside the giant dosa
Inside the Bird Sanctuary at Bharatpur
Parrots at Fatehpur Sikri
Agra Fort
Taj Mahal seen from Agra Fort
Agra Fort
Le Taj Mahal
The classic image!