Nina’s summary

My parents took me on a round-the-world trip for a year and all I learned was…

Nice, France

1) What country/ place were you most looking forward to visiting on the trip? Australia because the photos were nice and the beaches.

2) Which experience/ place most surprised you and why? New Zealand. There were more hills than I thought.

3) How does it feel when you think about the trip now, at the end? A little sad but VERY excited to go back home.

Delhi, India

4) Tell us one thing you learned about mummy & daddy on the trip. I learned that mummy collected lost cat posters when she was young and I learned that daddy is grumpy when we buy too much stuff at the grocery store.

5) When you are older, will you go travelling around the world again?  Maybe? 😛

Sossusvlei, Namibia

6) What was the saddest thing you saw/ experienced? A dead puppy on the road. RIP cute puppy. 😢

7) What was the funniest thing? A guy was sleeping on daddy’s shoulder.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

8) Name one place where you wished you were home (felt scared or sick of the trip).  One night in Buenos Aires (I couldn’t sleep).

9) What/ who did you miss the most? Oscar (our cat).

Minamiashigara, Japan

10) What is the first thing you will say when you see your best friends again? “OMG*!”   (*Oh my God!)

11) What will you change about the way you live/ play/ learn when you are back? I will speak in English.

Udaipur, India