Gregory’s summary

My parents took me on a round-the-world trip for a year and all I learned was…

Machu Picchu, Peru

1) What country/ place were you most looking forward to visiting on the trip? Japan. Japan is one of those place everyone wants to go. I’ve never seen anyone who does not want to go there. I wanted to go to Japan because everything in Japan is so different than in the West. The people, the culture, the food, and many more things. It was like I expected except there were less people in the trains than I thought there would be.

2) Which experience/ place most surprised you and why? Seeing the sand dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia. They were a lot bigger than I thought.

3) How does it feel when you think about the trip now, at the end? It feels like I have always been traveling my entire life. Like if I had never had a home. It is also sad that the trip is ending.

Delhi, India

4) Tell us one thing you learned about mummy & daddy on the trip. I learned that mummy likes to read psychology books, and that daddy went to Thailand three times.

5) When you are older, will you go travelling around the world again? Yes, I will probably travel when I am older but not for 10 months.

Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia

6) What was the saddest thing you saw/ experienced? Seeing all the pollution around the world. It’s just sad that people don’t understand that the environment is precious.

7) What was the funniest thing? It was funny when the kookaburra stole my sausage in Sydney.

Malahide Castle, Ireland

8) Name one place where you wished you were home (felt scared or sick of the trip). When we were in Sri Lanka, especially near the end.

9) What/ who did you miss the most? To be honest, I missed everyone a lot.

Fish River Canyon, Namibia

10) What is the first thing you will say when you see your best friends again? “This is not possible.”

11) What will you change about the way you live/ play/ learn when you are back? I will use the many tips mummy told me about.

Peterborough, UK


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  1. Très beau résumé de ton expérience Grégory, ce fut un plaisir de lire tes aventures ainsi que celles de ta famille, tout au long de votre voyage. Merci et bon retour à la maison. Tu verras, tu récolteras pendant plusieurs années les fruits de tout ce que tu auras apprit sur toi et sur le monde.

  2. Quelle superbe aventure vous avez vécue! J’ai grandement apprécié vous lire tout au long de votre voyage autour du monde. J’avais toujours hâte d’avoir de vos nouvelles! Les photos étaient magnifiques et les vidéos, toujours hilarants. Un gros MERCI de nous avoir partagé ces moments magiques! Bon retour à la maison! Évelyne Plante

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