Farewell from a light year…

Over the last year, our Light Year:

  • We visited 25 countries
  • We slept in  64 different beds
  • We used 16 airlines
  • We passed through 33 airports

To get around we took:

  • 28 Airplanes,
  • Over 75 Trains (at least half of them in Japan!)
  • 21 Buses
  • 15 Boats
  • 16 Cars
  • 2 Trams
  • 32 Taxis
  • 1 Gondola
  • 13 Subways
  • 32 Ubers
  • 1 Grab taxi
  • 4 Cable Cars
  • 1 Campervan
  • 1 CycloRickshaw
  • 26 Tuk tuks
  • 2 Jeeps
  • 2 Monorails
  • 5 Collectivos
  • 3 Bicycles
  • 1 Golf cart
  • and 2 motorized teddy bears 🙂

For those interested, we spent CAD$22,700 on flights, and approx. CAD$65,000 for the rest. We just about kept to our budget as follows:

  • Accommodation: CAD$100 / night on average
  • Food: CAD$50 / day on average
  • Activities: CAD$50 / day on average
  • Local transport: CAD$25 / day on average

The most expensive countries were: Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Qatar, Argentina. Here we spent a bit more than our budget. The cheapest countries were: Thailand, South Africa, Namibia, Sri Lanka, U.K. (cheap accommodation!), Malaysia, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia, where we under-spent the budget, so it about evened out to the amounts above. Our accommodation standard was about 3-star equivalent, with a few exceptions on either side of the scale, usually for a single night or two. For getting around, Uber works pretty well in most big cities, with a few exceptions: Bali (due to taxi mafia), Cusco, Mexico City (beware surge pricing, and crooked drivers who “forget” to end the trip when they drop you off).

  • And we made 29 Double Trouble Travels movies. Here is the series finale, Greg & Nina around the world:

Thanks for having traveled with us! See you soon!

Sophie, Gary, Gregory & Nina