False bay, my current favourite place in the world!


It has now been several days since we arrived back in Cape Town, South Africa. We traveled via Doha, Qatar, which required two long flights for a total of 19 hours flying time to get us back to our beloved Cape Town… I feel in love with the place on my first visit, over 10 years ago. It is really unique, in that we can experience sea & mountains, colorful vegetation and exotic wildlife, as well as a festive atmosphere and laid-back citizens.

Muizenberg beach

We rented an apartment on False

Shark watch

Bay, on the east coast of the Cape peninsula. This is still the Indian Ocean, so the water is a bit warmer than the Atlantic side (but not by much!). The first town you encounter when driving south from behind the mountain is Muizenberg. This is a surfer’s town, with a magnificent sandy beach and clean waves, which attracts a young crowd (when there are no sharks!). The flag system on the beach has nothing to do with the sea conditions, but is a shark warning system. No need to panic, since the last shark sighting at Muizenberg was on November 27th!

Continuing on past Muizenberg to the south, we find the little hamlet of St-James, lovely but much quieter, that we have nicknamed the place for the rich and retired…

Kalk bay harbour

After that we find Kalk Bay, where there is much more of a hippie vibe. It’s quite touristy, but that also means plenty of places to eat, drink and shop. At the far end of the village is the harbour, where a handful of fishing boats bring in the catch each afternoon. Here we find a small place supposedly selling the best fish & chips in town (we have yet to verify this!). A colphoqueony of Cape Fur Seals like to hang out in the harbour, begging for the scraps from the boats, much to the delight of the tourists (us included). They even climb up onto the quayside, and if they door is not shut, they will enter the fish cleaning & gutting area in search of food!

After Kalk Bay, the road continues towards the south through several villages until you get to the Cape of Good Hope, the end of the road.

Our flat is situated at the border between

Nice spot for doing maths exams!

St-James and Kalk Bay. It is compact but very functional (except for the wi-fi, grr!!). Our favourite spot is the large private deck surrounded by lush vegetation, with a lovely sea view. The beach is literally across the road from the flat. Actually, beaches, since there are spots every 300 meters or so. There are also several tidal pools, which are great spots for safe swimming.

Walking on the tidal pool walls – at your own risk!

Behind the house is a hillside scenic drive with access points to the Silvermine Natural Reserve. You can go for short or very long walks from here, each with incredible views of the sea and coast.

Mountain trail

The railway line hugs the coast (in fact, when you debark at St-James station, you find yourself right on the beach!), and you can get to downtown Cape Town in about 45 minutes (if there are no delays…).

Path between the train tracks and the sea

So there you have it – a brief glimpse of our home for the next 4 weeks. I simply cannot imagine that we will want to leave here one day!

Silvermine nature reserve
Beware of the baboons!