Discovering Mexico City

Palacio de Bellas Artes- view from above
In front of the Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

We spent the last week exploring Mexico City. It is just HUGE (over 21 million inhabitants), but quite a pleasant city nonetheless. We rented a nice cozy apartment in the Polanco district, which is quite upscale with lots of office towers and apartment complexes, and also high end boutiques and restaurants, bars and cafes.

Greg at the Plaza de la Constitution



It’s quite easy to explore the city center on foot, the sidewalks are wide and clean, and there is a lot of security everywhere so you don’t feel unsafe anywhere. However, when you head out of town (as we did to visit the ruins of Teotihuacan), we discover a completely different aspect of the city, much poorer and chaotic, that resembles the rest of Latin America.






Nina and the Aztecs at the museum
Nina at the Papalote Childrens Museum

Our apartment was within walking distance of the Bosque de Chapultepec, the biggest urban park in the Americas, and we often found ourselves walking in there. Mexico City is full of museums, and we made the most of it by visiting several of them, including the gigantic Museuo National de Antropologia, which is full of relics from the time of the Aztecs, Mayans, and a dozen other civilizations.


Atop the Pyramid of the Sun
Greg taking a break on top of the Moon Pyramid, Teotihuacan

Contrary to our expectations, the weather has been pretty mild, and it is not too hot here in the summer, during the day it gets up to about 23 degrees, and it is the rainy season, so it rains in the evening pretty much every day, sometimes in spectacular fashion, so it’s best to make sure to be back home before 5 pm. We are continuing to practice our Spanish, but it is not easy as the Mexicans talk really fast! In South America, we were able to understand a lot, but here…… not so much!

There’s no lack of bakeries in our neighbourhood. Mmmm!

Today is another travel day. For our last stop on the trip, we are heading back to familiar ground (at least, for Canadians in need of sun in the winter): The Riviera Maya! We wanted to spend our final days taking it really easy at the beach closer to Mexico City (such as Acapulco), but we soon realised that practically all the flights from here to Montreal stop in Cancun anyway, so it made sense to go there. The last time we were here was over 11 years ago for our wedding celebration. I was pregnant with Gregory, and Nina didn’t even exist yet… So we are excited to be able to show the kids this lovely part of the world that has a particular significance for us, and to tread the final kilometers of this extraordinary year of adventure…

Eleven years ago in Tulum…