Luck of the Irish

We’re back in Bourne, England now for a last weekend with family before we fly off to other climes. We had wanted to go on another trip to Estonia, but we left it too late and the flights were too expensive. So, we decided to spend a few days in Ireland instead.

We had enough time to get a feel for Dublin and surrounds, and to know that we should come back for a longer visit, during the summertime though!? Central Dublin is very walkable, and is a very vibrant city. You are not very far from the countryside however, and the Guinness is excellent wherever you find yourself!

Here is a summary of our 3 days in this iconic country:

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An Old Pub and an Even Older Tree

robin_hoodLast weekend we went exploring the county of Nottinghamshire, home of Robin Hood.

Our visit began with a walk through Sherwood Forest, one of Britain’s oldest remaining oak forests. We visited the Major Oak, the enormous old oak tree estimated to be well over one thousand years old, where Robin Hood and his jolly companions were reputed to hang out way back when.



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Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes Night) is celebrated on the 5th of November every year in Britain. It commemorates the foiling of the plot (known as the Gunpower plot) to blow up the parliament buildings by radical Catholics, among them Mr. Guy Fawkes, on this day in 1605. After being caught red-handed, Guy Fawkes was tied to a stake and burnt, hence the tradition of burning effigies began.

Bonfire Night was, up until very recently, more celebrated than Halloween in the U.K. Most towns and villages have a fireworks display or a bonfire, and for weeks leading up to the day, firecrackers can be heard going off at night across the land…

We spent Bonfire Night with a group of Gary’s university friends in Birmingham, with whom we are always guaranteed some amusement (both kids and adults alike!).



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A rainy day in London

Hey! It’s already been one month since we left home. Time flies when you’re having fun…

We celebrated this milestone with a nice day out in London. The weather was supposed to be quite warm and dry. What we got instead was cold and rain, so we were caught out again without our raincoats (will we ever learn?) This did not dampen our excitement to revisit the classic landmarks of the English capital. There was a visit from the president of Colombia while we were there, so we were treated to a military parade and 21-gun salute in front of the Tower of London.

Here are some photos taken during our visit:

Trafalgar Square
Tower Bridge

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