Our last few days in Namibia: astrophysics and zoology

During the last few days of our road trip, we made our way southwards from Etosha to Windhoek. We stopped off at a few tourist sites along the way.

We stopped off near the town of Tsumeb to see the Hoba meteroite, the world’s largest. It is mostly Iron and Nickel, weighs approx. 50 tonnes, and was found almost 100 years ago in a farmer’s field.

We then went to the Waterberg Game Park and camped there for the night. We were able to hike up to the top of the plateau. On the way we were buzzed by loads of large flying insects.

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Namibia in a Motorhome – a survival guide

This guide should be considered accurate and valid as of January 2017.

We booked our Mercedes Benz 4-berth motorhome back in June 2016, after a long deliberation. I initially wanted to go for the 4×4 pickup truck option with tents on the roof, which would have been cool too, but we decided against it for a couple of reasons. The first reason was that it was the wet season during our visit, which meant frequent heavy downpours in the afternoons and evenings, so putting up tents and cooking food outside would be somewhat more complicated than if we had a motorhome. The second reason being that it would be easier to keep nasty infectious disease bearing mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies out of a motorhome than a tent. The third reason was that it was supposed to be very hot in Namibia at that time of year, so having air-conditioning would help us sleep better at night. The final deciding factor was that by looking at a road map of Namibia, it appeared that in order to visit the sites that interested us, we would not really need to leave the main road network all that much. So, the decision seemed to be an easy one, and we went ahead and booked the motorhome.

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The unmissable Sossusvlei

We thought we had seen pretty much every variation on the “desert” theme so far in Namibia, but we were mistaken…. Sossusvlei is a unique and incredibly stunning place of natural beauty. Huge red sand dunes rise up off the plain, one after the other, stretching out to infinity, or so it seems… As Nina put it after a few hours of playing in the dunes: “I’m sick and tired of saying Wow!”

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Happy New Year and Goodbye Cape Town!

Happy New Year!! Happiness, health, and travel…

For us, the arrival of the new year means the end of our time here in Cape Town. We have made the most of the last few days of relative stability here to buy some more flights and to plan the next steps of our voyage. But first of all, here are the final photos from Cape Town.

Chapman’s Peak

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