September 2nd

IMG_4739September 2nd. is a very special day: first of all, in exactly one month’s time we board our first flight of the trip. But more importantly, today is Gregory’s 10th birthday! Our boy is now officially a big kid! Over the last ten years, he has impressed and surprised us in so many ways every day. Greg is very involved in the planning of our upcoming trip. He is fascinated by history and geography, and spends hours doing research on all the different destinations we will be visiting. In fact, he is the one that suggests destinations off the beaten track that we would never have considered (eg. Estonia)… And much to my embarrassment, he is often our reference, quicker than Wikipedia, in all matters related to geography (“Greg – is Malta a territory or a country?”  ?).

To celebrate all this, we are having a big party tomorrow, with all of our friends and family. The weather forecast looks good – lots of fun in perspective.

Happy birthday Greg!!! ?

Greg-birth Greg Cuba IMG_3921 090830005A IMG_4254


Back To School!


It’s back to school this morning…. but only for one month! In 5 weeks time, it will be professors Gary & Sophie giving lessons on the road!

The kids were nonetheless happy to see their school friends again, although they are much more excited by the upcoming departure than the idea of starting a new school year…

We are lucky to have the full support from the school’s administration and staff. Headmistress Lise and all the staff are all very enthousiastic about our trip in fact. We are very grateful for your collaboration – thank you!

Preparations …

With D-day (Departure!) approaching in less than 7 months, our preparations are going well. We have been taking advantage of the end of season sales to buy clothing and other essentials for the trip. Gary received his new daypack today, and the children and I have already brought us ours. After a lot of research, we finally opted for wheeled suitcases for most of our luggage, rather than big backpacks. We did some filling tests to figure out the necessary size of the bags, and we are now shopping for cases that Greg and Nina can carry without too much effort …

Our 2nd flight is also bought and paid for – from Paris to Cape Town on November 30th. We still have to determine how we will get from Nice to Paris, via the U.K., but I guess we’ll decide closer to the date! We are still working on our route, and will keep you informed of the latest developments shortly. Let’s say it changes regularly, and I guess it’s not over!

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!

IMG_4034This is the beginning of 2016, the year of our departure! The countdown has begun and we used the Christmas holidays to make some progress with our preparations. And a few days ago we booked our first flights!

So it’s now official – Our trip starts on October 2nd 2016, when we embark on the first leg of our adventure in Nice, France!