An Old Pub and an Even Older Tree

robin_hoodLast weekend we went exploring the county of Nottinghamshire, home of Robin Hood.

Our visit began with a walk through Sherwood Forest, one of Britain’s oldest remaining oak forests. We visited the Major Oak, the enormous old oak tree estimated to be well over one thousand years old, where Robin Hood and his jolly companions were reputed to hang out way back when.




Nottingham city comprises two universities, which makes for a very vibrant downtown experience, especially on a Friday night.


We also visited the site of the Medieval castle, completely destroyed on the 16th century and replaced by a Georgian Palace. The palace now contains a museum and art gallery. Also, did you know that the title of Sheriff of Nottingham still exists? (if only honorific in nature…)

Afterwards, we went for a drink in what is reputedly the oldest Pub in England: Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, which dates back to 1189 A.D. The walls to this Pub are literally dug into the sandstone cliffs below the site of the original medieval castle.

It was used as a brewery during the middle-ages, and you can still see the hole in the ceiling where barrels of beer would have been winched up to the castle.


Such an old place naturally has many legends associated with it. Gregory bravely sat in the Pregnancy Chair, reputed to make any woman that sits in it pregnant. We also did not dare to touch the cursed galleon, the model ship reputed to kill anyone who tries to clean it. The model is literally covered with cobwebs and fluff, and is thankfully displayed in a glass cage to protect people from accidentally killing themselves…