Farewell from a light year…

Over the last year, our Light Year:

  • We visited 25 countries
  • We slept in  64 different beds
  • We used 16 airlines
  • We passed through 33 airports

To get around we took:

  • 28 Airplanes,
  • Over 75 Trains (at least half of them in Japan!)
  • 21 Buses
  • 15 Boats
  • 16 Cars
  • 2 Trams
  • 32 Taxis
  • 1 Gondola
  • 13 Subways
  • 32 Ubers
  • 1 Grab taxi
  • 4 Cable Cars
  • 1 Campervan
  • 1 CycloRickshaw
  • 26 Tuk tuks
  • 2 Jeeps
  • 2 Monorails
  • 5 Collectivos
  • 3 Bicycles
  • 1 Golf cart
  • and 2 motorized teddy bears 🙂

For those interested, we spent CAD$22,700 on flights, and approx. CAD$65,000 for the rest. We just about kept to our budget as follows:

  • Accommodation: CAD$100 / night on average
  • Food: CAD$50 / day on average
  • Activities: CAD$50 / day on average
  • Local transport: CAD$25 / day on average

The most expensive countries were: Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Qatar, Argentina. Here we spent a bit more than our budget. The cheapest countries were: Thailand, South Africa, Namibia, Sri Lanka, U.K. (cheap accommodation!), Malaysia, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia, where we under-spent the budget, so it about evened out to the amounts above. Our accommodation standard was about 3-star equivalent, with a few exceptions on either side of the scale, usually for a single night or two. For getting around, Uber works pretty well in most big cities, with a few exceptions: Bali (due to taxi mafia), Cusco, Mexico City (beware surge pricing, and crooked drivers who “forget” to end the trip when they drop you off).

  • And we made 29 Double Trouble Travels movies. Here is the series finale, Greg & Nina around the world:

Thanks for having traveled with us! See you soon!

Sophie, Gary, Gregory & Nina


Highlights by Continent

In this post, I will list our favourite places / experiences by continent, followed by each family member’s personal highlight. There’s now quite a substantial amount of content on our site, so if you want to filter the posts by continent, you can use the handy image links on the right side-bar, our use the Category drop-down menu, also on the right side-bar, to get to the stuff you are looking for. I will also try to put links to the relevant posts directly into the content below, or even make this post sticky. I hope you find it useful and fun to read. Continue reading “Highlights by Continent”

Gregory’s summary

My parents took me on a round-the-world trip for a year and all I learned was…

Machu Picchu, Peru

1) What country/ place were you most looking forward to visiting on the trip? Japan. Japan is one of those place everyone wants to go. I’ve never seen anyone who does not want to go there. I wanted to go to Japan because everything in Japan is so different than in the West. The people, the culture, the food, and many more things. It was like I expected except there were less people in the trains than I thought there would be. Continue reading “Gregory’s summary”